Chinese bitcoin miners donate generators to help Henan floods

Chinese bitcoin miners have come together to help injured people in Henan province, which has been decimated by deadly flooding. Bitcoin miners donated generators and foodstuffs to China’s Henan province. Despite Chinese crypto pressure, companies forced to move operations abroad have carried the main mining Exodus; the Chinese crypto community appears to be helping its citizens.

Chinese journalist Colin Wu tweeted a photo of a truck full of generators and food from BTC miners for residents of Henan Province. The truck had posters reporting the miners ‘ feelings for the Chinese government and their sympathy for henani.

The black humor of Chinese bitcoin miners: we don’t have electricity, but there should be electricity in the disaster zone. (Photo shows Chinese bitcoin miners donating generators and food to Henan flood zones. Earlier, China’s major bitcoin mines were halted.

– Blockchain Wu (@WuBlockchain) July 26, 2021

Crypto companies come to the rescue
In October, three prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency entities, in addition to Bitcoin miners, also set aside large sums of money for Henan province’s donations. Bitmain, a crypto mining company and one of the world’s largest makers of crypto mining equipment, became the first agency to donate more than 10 million yuan since July 23. Bitmain, among other crypto companies, suffered after the decimation of BTC mining in the country by the Chinese.

Spot sales of Antminer-bitmain machines were halted around the world as BTC miners began to migrate and resale of second-hand mining machines took to the skies. However, the company announced that it would resume production.

“That’s exactly what we need to do,” Bitmain said in an interview on July 24.

Hong Kong-based crypto exchange FTX, following Bitmain, donated more than 10 million yuan to Zhengzhou charity and announced it on Weibo. FTX shouldn’t suffer from Chinese cryptography

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