Charles Hoskinson highlights key differences between Cardano and 'cute' rival Polkadot

Input Output Hong Kong CEO Charles Hoskinson shares his thoughts on how Cardano differs from rival Polkadot. In a new interview, Hoskinson told artificial intelligence researcher Lex Fridman that Cardano (ADA) blockchain ecosystem has significant fundamental advantages over Polkadot (DOT). “Because of the great contradictions between the two systems, we are actually made up of multiple entities. We have a different accounting model. I think our base book is much more impressive. Our proof-of-evidence evolution rate is much faster than theirs because they're based on derivative works, and there's already Ouroboros Omega and other stuff out there. I think eventually it will be a better sidechain because we have something called Mithral for that. But we learned a lot from their work.” The director of IOHK adds that he believes Cardano's model is better than Polkadot's. “Also, I think we're thinking a lot more carefully about management. And we have Catalyst and Voltaire. Really, the key here is: 'How do we ensure that anyone with data can join the network?' This was not a high design priority for Polkadot. It was a quick commercial adoption that got more customers. Then it comes to management. These are just different business philosophies.” The creator of Cardano describes Polkadot as a "nice" competitor and says it should be the next iteration of Ethereum. Polkadot is like Ethereum 1.5. This is what ETH 2.0 was probably meant to be. That's what Vitalik [Buterin] wanted to do, he was incredibly aggressive and ingenious, but that's too much and there's too much risk of execution in this plan. I think they played with it for six years. If they had gone the Polkadot route, they would probably be on the market with it in 2018." I don't miss a thing – Subscribe to receive crypto email notifications straight to your inbox Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram Sur

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