Chainlink ‘ s DeFi prijs Oracles nu Live op Fantom Mainnet

The prophecies of the Chainlink price Strip now run on a Phantom network similar to Ethereum.

Price prophecies are decentralized systems that help decentralized financing (Defi) platforms retrieve real data, such as the prices of various cryptocurrencies. Defi is a set of financial practices that replicate what exists in the traditional financial world, such as borrowing and lending. Unlike banks, however, Defi central replaces companies with lines of code.

“With the latest integration with Chainlink,” Phantom developers now have the opportunity to quickly develop and expand Defi products and services, while providing users with maximum security, reliability and availability, ” Phantom CEO Michael Kong said.

According to a press release released today, the integration was the result of a grant to the block42 blockchain development Store under the chainlink Community Grant Program.

Phantom developers will be able to use Chainlink prophecies to improve algorithmic stable coin binding, conduct futures and options contracts, accurately determine rate fees, and calculate Security rates in credit and credit protocols.

Chainlink builds billion-dollar bridge to multi-network world

Prijsparen channels are used primarily for handelsparen such as AAVE/USD, BNB/USD, BTC/USD, TH/USD, ETH/USD, FTM/USD and LINK/USD to support the new feature), SNX sushi US dollar/USD, USDC/USD and USDT/USD. 

Recently, chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov also explained how the company’s protocol of interaction between its chains is decked out as “a new global standard for decamped messaging, data exchange and movement of tokens between blockages.”

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