Chainlink (link) address activation reaches 3 thousand, Prijs reaches 28 dollars

Things are going pretty well amid the recent rally in altcoin from Oracle’s service provider chainlink (link). Last month, the price of chainlink (link) literally doubled. Link’s share is trading at $ 28.89, up 6.57 per cent, with a market capitalisation of $ 12.9 bn, the press release said.

This is against the background of a sharp increase in the number of unique addresses interacting on the chainlink blockchain. As a network data provider:

The number of unique addresses interacting on the $ LINK network has risen to an almost 3-month high, a promising indicator.

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Despite the recent rise, Chainlink is still trading at a discount of more than 20% from its all-time high of $ 53 on May 10, 2021.

Launch Of Arbitrum One
Last week, on August 13, Chainlink Labs launched its own data from Oracle Arbitum one. It is a fully equipped, optimistic cumulative Layer 2 network that provides cheap and scalable smart contracts.

The integration of Arbitrum one will allow chainlink developers to access financial data on behalf of other customers of a decentralized exchange. The official announcement states::

This new prijsparen channels and support other data types, plans and scaling to adapt to the growing needs of our ecosystem faster for sports, gaming, insurance, and more in various industries such as Ntfs chain/chain non-hybrid smart contracts, as well as many US dollars is the first integration with native support for the channel.

Service provider Oracle Chainlink is very popular in the industry, and even major tech giants like Google use its services. Chainlink enables smart contracts to refer to the real world API.

Even Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin acknowledged that smart contracts require prophecies like chainlink. Ethereum rival Binance already uses the Chainlink infrastructure for Binance’s Smart chain.

Local communication tokens work as compensation to operators of chain link nodes to retrieve data. Total 1 billion references

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