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One of the most important components when it comes to implementing projects in Arbitrum one is integrating the tools and critical infrastructure that can provide them. One of the most common queries was access to chainlink. 

Finally, Live On Arbitrum One 
Arbitrum one has finally announced that Oracle’s decentralized ChainLink network is working on Arbitrum one. The integration will initially include built-in support for price channels in US dollars. New price savings and support for other data channels will also be added to the demand of the Defi and hybrid smart open/closed contracts arbitrage ecosystem in industries such as Games, sports, NFS insurance, etc. 

Access To High Frequency Price Updates 
Chainlink price channels were tested on the Arbitrum test network for four months, with the channels providing the billion dollar value of Ethereum. With Chainlink price channels, Arbitrum can access decentralized, accurate, low-cost, and high-frequency price updates, making it valuable assets in the chain in real time. 

Arbitrum also allows developers to integrate chainlink price channels into their decentralized applications without having to rewrite contracts or create a dedicated infrastructure. 

Pricing Data Is Available In Old And New Protocols 
Through chain integration, both old and new protocols in Arbitrum now have access to reliable pricing data. Leading Defi apps such as AAVE, MCDEX and Tracer DAO plan to use chainlink price channels in the Arbitrum app. 

In arbitrum, teams that require Oracle can use chainlink and provide access to the same high-quality data and reliability found at Ethereum’s core level. They also receive data at a lower cost and with higher refresh rates. 

Some of the biggest advantages of Chainlink price channels are

Secure node operators – all Chainlink price channels are protected by server-managed Sybil-resistant, independent, and Security-tested Oracle nodes

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