Certificate voltooit succesvolle Smart Contract Audit Van hi Dollars

July 28, 2021-Singapore, Singapore

Welcome to launch prep membership sign.

Hi Dollar (HI), a sign of HI membership as an innovative, not-for-profit financial services provider, has received a successful Smart Contract Audit from leading official verification platform Certik in preparation for launch by August 1, 2021. HI decided to audit its own token with CertiK due to their focus on security, transparency and cybersecurity innovations.

The HI dollar is a membership token and its primary function is to benefit the hi ecosystem for the benefit of members. This audit was conducted to ensure that core compliance and safety principles are firmly entrenched in hi’s ongoing efforts to manage and reduce risks, thanks to its “deep protection” culture.

CertiK controls blockchain ecosystems and smart contracts through “formal verification,” a process that evaluates the source code of a given program through rigorous mathematical theorems. More than 500 companies have cooperated with CertiK or benefited from audits.

As a financial services provider, hi puts the safety of its 650,000-plus members first and foremost. Through a formal review with CertiK, both companies contribute to the protection of the digital asset industry. The report can be found here.

About CertiK
CertiK is a blockchain and smart contract verification platform suitable for testing unlike traditional auditors. By proving mathematically that the object is safe from hackers and error-free as opposed to checking for existing problems, CertiK became the industry’s leading auditor.

Oh Hello
Hi uses blockchain technology to build community-based services. Hi members are the main stakeholders in this ecosystem, and the company aims to maximize membership value rather than profit. Our first product is a digital wallet that offers participants the largest amount of money

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