CEO announced that e-commerce giant Ebay has accepted cryptocurrency for 187 million buyers

The company's CEO announced that Ebay sees cryptocurrency as a payment option for its 187 million buyers on the platform. The e-commerce giant is also exploring opportunities in the non-changeable token (NFT) industry. Ebay plans to add cryptocurrency as a payment option Ebay CEO Jamie Iannone said in an interview with CNBC on Monday that the company is considering accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option. How Ebay responds to the growing popularity and adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. CEO replied: We are expanding the types of payments we accept. Now we get Apple Pay and Google Pay. More options for buyers … We will continue to look at other options such as cryptocurrency. “One of the great things about Ebay is that whenever there is a new trend, it just pops up on Ebay. This is what we see in areas such as NFTs [non-replaceable tokens] that want to explore this better. He also noted that eBay, reported on the company's first quarter income statement, has "187 million buyers on the platform". Specially to Iannone, "Does this mean entering the NFT industry?" : We're reviewing this and exploring the possibilities to make this possible on Ebay in a simple way. Paypal was a subsidiary of Ebay until 2015, when the company handed over the payments giant to its shareholders. Paypal launched its crypto service last year and enabled crypto payments at millions of stores in March. Recently, users of the Venmo app were allowed to buy, sell and hold certain cryptocurrencies. What do you think about accepting Bitcoin through Ebay? Let us know in the comments below.

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