Central migration voltooit Smart chain naar Binance

PRESS RELEASE. After two and a half years working on the TRON blockchain, cryptocurrency project Centric completed the migration to the Binance smart network (BSc). Centric announced its decision to migrate in May. Later that month, cybersecurity company iosiro completed an audit of its updated BSc smart contracts. Two days before the exodus, Centric added its first BEP-20 Centric Swap (CNS) tokens to Pancakeswap, BSc’s leading decentralized exchange (DeX).

July May:” when we completed the audit, some community members wondered why we were waiting until July to make a jump, ” Chief Operating Officer Tommy Butcher said. “Centric is much more than just a smart contract. We built a whole ecosystem with partners. We had to give our developers time to get things in order before taking action. Having taken the time to do that, he paid well as things went very smoothly, ” Butcher said.

The exodus began on July 15 and continued with minimal violations. Within twenty-four hours, the Centric Swap (CNS) and Centric Rise (CNR) tokens stored in The Centric web wallet were updated to the BSc bep-20 format. For users who have tokens in an external wallet, the center will decommission the “all-in-one BSc” self-service tool for conversion. Centricswap.com.

After the exodus, Centric announced several interesting developments. Its first post-migration partners, the Rastafinance decentralized financing (Defi) project, added CNS to the DeX and liquidity pool. They also added the ability to put up Rasta tokens and receive awards at CNS.

During the migration, Centricswap.com switching between CNS and CNR tokens using only the MetaMask wallet is supported Dec. Today, Six October wallets are supported, including software TrustWallet and hardware favorite SafePal.

Last week, the company announced the integration of CNS with the mycryptocheckout cryptocurrency payment gateway, enabling e-commerce stores to accept CNS payments with zero transaction fees.

“A few weeks after the circuit jump was full of action”,

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