Central bank balance: Bitcoin’s strongest bullish chart

For a network that provides the ultimate calculation of healthy money, there is no better marketing tool than a central bank balance. Here’s the reason for this popular adage in the bitcoin community: Central Bank policy is a bitcoin advertising campaign. Governments keep printing money, causing inflation and devaluing bills in your pocket. As this continues, bitcoin will become more attractive.

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The Bitcoin price chart may be vertical right now, but if you read these rules, governments around the world will print and print. 

Let’s look at the dollar, for example:

The best chart in bitcoins history. pic.twitter.com/RwLGAATcju

magazine scale (@_log_scale_), July 12, 2021

How Does This Central Bank Balance Relate To Bitcoin?
Pink Line and yellow candles are associated in reverse. This goes hand in hand with Plan B’s infamous s2f model, with the bitcoin bid and bitcoin Price blocked so far. This speaks to the digital deficit and the undeniable fact that bitcoin will only be 21 million. how many dollars will there be? No one knows. But the” incredibly increasing amount ” is a fair assumption.

The blue area inside the white line represents the balance of the Central Bank. An unnaturally steep line starting in 2021 matches stimulus packages in response to the covid crisis. Already unlimited money printing has reached its limits, seen only in developing countries that do not control their own destiny. 

As long as central banks print trillions of dollars on paper money, no one can stop # Bitcoin # Bitcoin-the result of irresponsible government policy and pressure from central banks pic.twitter.com/GJMfFL1nkC

Bitfurygeorge (@Bitfurygeorge) February 17, 2021

Make no mistake, unlike other currencies, the growing money supply of the US dollar affects the whole world. Directly to dollars like El Salvador. Indus

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