Cash Management Firm Says CFOs Avoid Risk, Says Bitcoin Won't Be A Corporate Tool

If you need to be sure when you arrive at Bitcoin, visit They asked Treasury Partners CEO Jerry Klein whether companies saw Bitcoin as a store of value. The short answer is: "None of our clients were interested in Bitcoin." Good to know that. But let's look further. Related reading | Stone Ridge 10k Bitcoin Bet Shows Changing Institutional Understanding The Article Starts With Alliance And Fraud: "The Great Cryptocurrency Has No Practical Application So Far." The implication is, for example, is instant wealth transfer not practical enough? We looked at the linked article to find out exactly what the author meant. It begins like this: "Bitcoin collapsed as a way to buy things and failed its first major test as a safe haven during last year's stock market crash." Oh yes? Let's ask people who have strong hands holding their Bitcoins to date. Aren't they satisfied with Bitcoin's performance? There is turbulence but the port is safe. And at the other point. nobody wants to be the next person to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas. Bitcoin is and will be in the price discovery phase for the foreseeable future. Buying things with it is not a priority. Last year's BTC price chart on KuCoin | Source: BTC / USDT on But back to corporate treasury, his client's portfolios typically consist of three types of investments: government bonds, money market funds, and stock companies. Klein says their priorities are security and liquidity, and that risk is out of the question. Also, the article says, "Companies want to avoid owning assets that risk even the slightest drop in value." Oh yes? Is the Fiat currency in the United States not depreciating by 15% annually? Isn't this a downloadable? Let's quote from the pioneer to bring the point home

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