Carlos Slim’s Telmex could offer pay TV this year if it gets the license

The telephone company of Carlos Slim , the richest man in Mexico, has tried for years to enter the pay TV market and it is likely that this year it will succeed. Telmex executives hope to obtain a government license to offer the service soon.
Daniel Hajj , CEO of América Móvil , assured that perhaps Telmex is the only telephone company in the world that does not have pay television, something they hope to solve as soon as possible.
“I hope we can get it. For a long time the IFT (Federal Telecommunications Institute) has said that it is going to give us TV. I hope we can have TV on Telmex for this year. So, as we always said, maybe there is not in the world … There is a company … A telephone company that does not have pay television, ” said Hajj in a conference with analysts, as quoted by Forbes .
It may interest you: The prices of the Izzi service will increase in August According to the company’s financial report, sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange, between April and June 2021 América Móvil disconnected 204 thousand accesses from its platform, of which 165 thousand were fixed lines.
The document states that the company’s service income decreased slightly by 0.4%. This is because voice revenues fell 5.3%, while broadband revenues increased 4.1%. On the other hand, corporate network revenues increased 1.6%, largely because streaming plans with Netflix , Disney + and HBO Max were very attractive to users.
Also read: Netflix wants to compete with PlayStation and XBox: It will incorporate video games into its content Is it convenient for Telmex to offer pay TV? The consulting and market research firm The CIU highlights that pay television was the only segment in the telecommunications market that reported an increase during the first quarter of 2021, with a growth of 8.6%.
Segment of #TVPagaand convergent services generated revenues of $ 30.7 billion pesos in 1Q21, a weighting of 24.6% of the total of #ingresostelecom
– The CIU (@theciu) July 16, 2021 In that period, pay TV and convergent services generated revenues of almost 30.7 billion Mexican pesos , says the consulting firm. This represents almost a quarter (24.6%) of the total income of the sector and an increase of 2,414.9 million pesos compared to the previous quarter.
Meanwhile, the landline phone market fell 535.9 million pesos
“The marked preference for contracting packages for fixed telephony, internet, pay TV, and even more recently for ‘quadruple play’ when adding cellular service, as in the cases of izzi mobile and Sky’s Blue Telecomm Cel, boosted revenues. of the operators in this segment ” , detailed the company.
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