Carl Icahn expresses $ 1.5 billion investment in cryptocurrencies

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, once skeptical of bitcoin, seems to have made a comeback in crypto, saying he wants to "heavily" get involved in digital assets. With a net worth of $ 22 billion, Icahn is one of the most influential players on Wall Street, and many investors follow his example and buy companies in mind. He was also a short-term private economic adviser to former President Donald Trump on financial regulations in 2017. "A big road for us would be one billion dollars, one and a half billion dollars," President Icahn said on Wednesday. Capital on Bloomberg TV. "I will not say exactly." "Crypto is here to stay one way or another." Carl Icahn told @ CarolineHydeTV that his company could get into a "relatively large" business / uQbjf9lgmO – Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) May 26, 2021 Bitcoin and Bitcoin in 2018. Like other cryptocurrencies and described them as "ridiculous." "Maybe I'm too old for them," he said at the time, "but I won't touch it. The 83-year-old investor changed his voice in the midst of" tremendous "financial incentives last year. He said that investors started to worry about the value of our currency. Icahn Turns The Crypto Corner The billionaire warned, however, that most cryptocurrencies will not stand the test of time. "I'm looking at the whole business and looking at how I can get involved," Icahn said, "a little misled" by skeptics who say cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value. In recent months, other high-profile investors have expressed their desire to explore cryptocurrencies, one of whom admitted earlier this year that "not sufficiently informed", co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management.

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