CardStarter and SuperStarter Announce Strategic Partnership to Reshape the IDO Experience

CardStarter, the main launch pad, incubator and insurance program for projects in Cardano, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with SuperStarter. The partnership will focus on improving the IDO experience for users of both platforms. SuperStarter is the highly anticipated launch pad for the famous SuperFarm team. The SuperStarter blockchain standalone launch platform will emerge as an independent blockchain launch platform that will serve multiple projects such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cardano, Polygon and Solana. Projects on SuperStarter have access to resources such as marketing, fundraising, development, and mentoring. Projects on the platform also have access to SuperFarm's NFT launch pads, NFT farming, positioning, and other incentives designed for liquidity providers. A considerable enthusiasm around the partnership The partnership aroused great enthusiasm among the users of both platforms. CardStarter CEO Aatash Amir said: “The CardStarter team is very excited about our partnership with SuperStarter. This partnership will undoubtedly benefit all future projects on both platforms and will certainly reward our loyal community members. With SuperStarter, we look forward to reaching new heights in the IDO field. The Announcement of CardStarter's Cooperation with SuperFarm comes shortly after CardStarter announced its partnership with SuperFarm. The partnership allows SUPER token holders to be part of promising projects in Cardano. As a strong partnership grows interest in Cardano, we want more projects to rely on the blockchain. CardStarter is perfectly positioned as the first insured project accelerator for projects in Cardano. It has a strong team that has purchased multiple IDOs and has a proven track record among key launchers for the Cardano ecosystem. SuperFarm's partnership with CardStarter will make sense

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