Cardano starter connector connecting ADA wallet to decentralized applications

Emurgo, the founding company of Cardano (ADA), announced the launch of a new platform that will enable interaction between ADA users and decommissioned applications (dApps) on the blockchain network.

The Yoroi DApp connector, which will allow Island owners web browsers to access decentralized applications on the Cardano blockchain using an add-on, will be released soon, Emurgo said in a statement. 

“After enabling the DApp connector, the user can participate in any action permitted by dapp, such as buying or selling tokens, accessing resources, or using other features offered by DApp…

This communication bridge between the two platforms makes it easier to verify ownership of certain assets and can enable transactions to be executed for Decap.”

Yoroi is a lightweight crypto wallet that allows users to manage island assets on their mobile phones.

The announcement, on the eve of the Cardano Alonzo update, is aimed at introducing blockchain features of smart contracts and supporting developers who want to build decentralized financing (Defi) applications.

In a video update, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said the Alonzo update is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks. 

August, September. “so I still think our time frame is good. They last. August-September, and I still believe most of the development infrastructure will be built in August-September, and then a long series of iterative improvements in that infrastructure will follow, with Dapps being created and deployed in Cardano.”

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