Cardano – Right Now Is It A Good Investment?

Cardano has been ready for eleven weeks, with a sharp increase in the Cardano ADA token from 7 cents last September to $ 1.50 in March. With Bitcoin having its own side mess and Ethereum is probably a little bloated after the last run, would this be a good time to be Cardano? The cryptocurrency space is in transition. Bitcoin's dominance has been steadily dropping after support cut by 50% last week. Without further support for the low 40% zone, dominance seems to reach this point. Ethereum took full advantage of Bitcoin's weakness and has gained 109% in the past six weeks. At the time of writing, Ether continues its upward orbit. However, after such a big surge in a relatively short period of time, Ethereum should expect a retracement at some point. This brings us to Cardano. When Ethereum finally runs out of gas, is it time for ADA to come out and become the next big step? Assuming that BTC remains relatively stable, we can expect the value to start shifting to the next larger smart contract blockchain platforms. Here we are talking about Cardano, Polkadot and Solana. The DOT continues to hit higher and higher lows over the longer week period against BTC, so it looks promising. However, this is nothing compared to the Solana blockchain token SOL. Since the beginning of the year, SOL has risen 3000% against BTC. A recent 28% drop could be a good time to return to this monster. ADA is starting to perform very well against BTC. It had its own massive run, with a 530% gain over the number one cryptocurrency since the beginning of the year and peaking at the end of February. Since this summit, ADA has received good feedback to retest support on 1740 satoshi. At the time of writing this article, the ADA wants to pursue a much higher increase on the 2390 satoshi and against BTC. Opposite

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