Cardano price hits $1.88 as recovery accelerates – ADA Where To Buy

Cardano price is strengthening from strength to strength as it regains $1.80, which looks like the next stop psychologically crucial $2.0 mark. Cardano suffered the least of the major altcoins after the May correction pain. The price poked at $1.88 today, but has since given up on some of that gain as the US session kicked off – perhaps some crypto buyers prefer the excitement in meme stocks right now? Despite being away from its all-time high of $2.47 on May 16, Cardano looks very good. But at this height, we must remember that it was a bit choppy – it was minted the day before the crash started and so there was little time to generate selling interest at these levels and this could turn into a weaker resistance in the future. Cardano price: Weak resistance ahead The lack of resistance between the current price and the next challenges of $2.0 and $2.3 should spur the bulls to seek further upside, so regaining the highest ever price may not be difficult. Buy Cardano Now Cardano (ADA) Interoperability Breakthrough And behind the compelling technical details are continued progress in network fundamentals. Yesterday, Cardano announced its first interoperability success in partnership with the Nervos (CKB) blockchain. Two public blockchains describe this as a "bluetooth moment" and plan to activate the bridge in a few weeks. Cardano's path to realizing its vision of a scalable, secure, decentralized, proof-of-stake application platform has been somewhat tricky for its followers over the past three years or more. But milestones are still being reached as the full functionality of smart contracts approaches and is adopted at the government level in Africa – as Ethiopia's education system is one of the main adopters. Describing Cardano as an 'Ethereum killer' probably doesn't help much because it shows that the blockchain world is a zero-sum game.

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