Cardano is on the eve of a major milestone, will ADA take a big step forward?

Following the Cardano 360 event, the developer of the Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) platform published a summary of the key points. In addition to showing the demo of a decentralized exchange like Uniswap running on Plutus, IOHK confirmed the "D-Day" date. Scheduled for March 31, Cardano's developer announced that it would transfer full control of block production to pool operators at that time. Therefore, parameter D, a metric that measures Cardano decentralization, has been reduced to 0. IOHK announced: D-DAY APPROVED: Today we have successfully submitted an updated proposal to the # Cardano blockchain. , taking full responsibility for the block transfer. Production to the community of ring pool operators on 31 March. # Decentralization looks like this. Shameless! So adopt full decentralization. Cardano's network has more than 375,000 delegates and 2,350 registered pools. Cardano's blockchain, which moved to a consensus protocol on a proof-of-stake basis in 2020, is in its final era before the milestone. "I had a great trip," said Charles Hoskinson, inventor of Cardano. 🚀 Cardano decentralization trajectory: D = 0 on March 31, P2P distribution next 💪DevNets: more than 1200 developers on board ✔️New IOG share transfer: community call in early April Universality of smart contractsLLVM = # More developers on Cardano . Initial release in 6 months 😲 2/5 – Input Output (@InputOutputHK) March 27, 2021 IOHK also said that more than 1200 developers are developing apps for Cardano and expecting an increase in 'universality' with LLVM. To smart contracts implemented on this platform. Smart contract platform Plutus is expected to be present at Alonzo, Cardano's third Hard Fork Combinator event. This will happen in June, after the Plutus net test in the coming months. In addition, Silvu Petricescu and Gerard Moroney, directors of operations and strategy at IOHK, announced a collaborative program. Read more

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