Cardano investors in a reverberation room? Traders Investigate The Hype Behind Burning Crypto Assets

A Redditor takes a closer look at the hype surrounding the Cardano smart contract platform and wonders if the fan base is too loyal about the project. Redditor LewiOcBT asks users on the Cardano subreddit if, amid their enthusiasm for their projects, they also criticize Charles Hoskinson's burgeoning platform. LewiOcBT assures the Cardano Reddit community that it is a fan of the network, but wonders if it can remain neutral in its assessments of the seventh largest crypto asset by market capitalization. "We all love Cardano here and crypto in general, and it's great. I like this Reddit page, but we risk being an echo chamber. Are there any downsides to Cardano you can think of? Why not invest someone? Any professional has its downsides. According to Reddit user drtheo94, Cardano's main drawback is that it still lacks the smart contract functionality that its central competitor Ethereum has had for almost a decade. ”The most common criticism I've seen with other subdirectories is the lack of smart contracts. Cardano has developed a roadmap with a timeline for when to expect everything, including smart contracts, but not everyone reads it or expects things to go well. The company behind Cardano, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), announced earlier this month that smart contracts will be launched on blockchain in August. Meanwhile, SoHandsome_3823 user argues that Cardano's biggest drawback is its long-term development approach. "The only 'disadvantage' I see is either the failure of the project or the lack of a short term project. It will take five, ten, fifteen years to reach the level we collectively use. At this point, we don't know what the world will be like …” Cardano's weak growth is also Reddit One factor that user KeyReturn7424 cited as a potential disadvantage in the fight to pull users. "Very slow.

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