Cardano Boss Gives Good Salvation to Dying Banking System

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson shared his harsh thoughts on the legacy financial system and concluded that the cryptocurrency would take over as it offered a better way. The banking system has taken on this, a lot has been said about the hostility between cryptocurrency and banking. Although the banking system is above cryptocurrency in terms of both capitalization and the number of users, Hoskinson believes this is a situation that will change. 'You can't go back; you can't change that. You can't put that gin back in the bottle. Central banks will disappear, it will be so. Your traditional old sofas will disappear. The reason for thinking this comes down to nepotism and profiteering embedded in the banking system. All of these conspire to squeeze the 'little man', often in situations of despair and lack of choice. He commissioned some of the poorest people in the world to move their money home to take care of their parents. It was the people who ran the old system. We were not in this industry who demanded 85% interest to lend a $ 100 loan to a subsistence farmer who is desperately trying to get out of a drought. Hoskinson further downplayed complicity in the banking system's criminal activities. Referring to common examples of drug money and oil laundering for food programs, Hoskinson reversed the situation, saying cryptocurrency is the remedy to fix this. "Never let them say that the industry is at risk. Our industry is the antidote to the extremes, corruption and friendship we find. This is a frustration industry that is now replacing the creativity and innovation industry. We will change the world. Cardano is preparing for smart contracts Cardano in terms of leading the blame against the banking system." However, like all cryptocurrency industry, work is underway. Nevertheless, l

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