Cardano (ada) releases new $ 2.97 Ath, calls to social media that will surpass BTC

Cardano (ADA), currently the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, posted another ATH of $ 2.97, just below the $ 3 mark earlier today. Just last week, altcoin broke its early level of $ 2.49. The recent price rise is followed by a series of developments and updates across the chain that bring the biggest update on the Cardano network in the form of the Alonzo update.

Source: TradingView
Ada’s price began to rise in early August, starting at $ 1.36, and it has now more than doubled its price in three weeks. As the project nears the most popular update on the platform, altkoin scored over 40% last week.

Scheduled for September 12, Alonzo hardfork will represent the integration of smart contracts and open a new Dapps and Defi era. It would also fulfill a long-standing promise to ensure Cardano competes against the likes of ethereum and Polkadot. Once the integration of smart contracts is complete, Cardano blockchain will open the door to a new era of decentralized business.

The smart contract update played the same catalyst role for the ADA award as London hardfork did for the ethereum award. In the absence of an apparent upper limit and despite the fact that most participants in the crypto Sunday have retested their ATS, the island price could break new records.

Cardano (Island) social media calls are growing rapidly
Cardano also has a very strong social media community and an increasing influence every day as altcoin reaches new heights. Social networks say the island has risen to new heights and can surpass bitcoin (BTC) in the blink of an eye, according to centiment.

Source: Centiment
The ADA’s price is currently $ 3, and any move up from here would be the new ATH. Altcoin ranked Binance Coin (BnB)third in terms of market capitalization because its valuation is also around $ 100 billion. Just weeks before the Alonzo update, Cardano will finally be able to cope with the hype about the “Ethereum killer.”


Post Cardano (ADA) posts new ATH $ 2.97, calls to social media t

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