Cardano (ADA) Eyes $2.50 as Crypto Exchanges Begin Smart Contract Integration

Cardano( ADA), the fourth-largest cryptocurrency, is experiencing a slight retreat from a 3-month high of $ 2.25. The island was trading at $ 2.08, down 4% over the past 24 hours. Altkoin closed 6-day Yesil candles against a backdrop of a 65% weekly profit due to a slight drop in prices.

The increase in island prices is associated with a number of developments with Alonzo hardfork at Cardano blockchain. The long-awaited smart contract integration date ended on September 12, with many linking profits to an upcoming update.

Source: TradingView
ADA fell just 15% to Ath of $ 2.46 in May, and market analysts think Cardano could exceed $ 2.50 to register the new ATH by the end of this week. Currently, altcoin is moving on an equilateral pattern on the hourly chart, and a reverse break in that pattern could lead to new highs above $2.50.

2.50 # if Hell runs out

– Island) Dolphin (@calgarycrypto1)August 16, 2021

Six Crypto Exchanges Begin Updating Smart Contract Integration
Input-output, the research and development company behind blockchain Cardano, has released an update on Alonzo Purple’s integration with the testing network and smart contracts. The company said Alonzo Purple’s testing network now has more than 250 participants, and some users need to resolve synchronization issues.

Since the creation of the new # AlonzoPurple network, we now have more than 250 members on the network. Some service providers / users experienced configuration / synchronization issues with purple. It’s probably an adjustment issue, so we’ll make sure everything is OK before we scale it any further. 6/8

– In / out (@Inputoutputputhk) August 16, 2021

The team also brought in plutus “mainnet candidate”, who will move to the next level of testing in Alam, Dorin and Q&A tests.

“Today, we released the main network candidate Plutus for a node team that is currently working hard to integrate it into its own final version candidate node. This version later included Alan, Dorin, and

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