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Cardano (ADA), the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is the leader after Charles Hoskinson announced the integration date of smart contracts. The Cardano network is working on a number of updates, which Alonso considers to be the most important. It introduces the functionality of smart contracts on the platform.

Alonzo Purple testenet was launched last week and the platform’s latest integration date is set for September 12. The Altcoin price broke with a big resistance of $ 2.00 after the release of Alonzo purple, while the new 3-month high of $ 2.25 and a mere 9% of the ATH of $ 2.46.

Source: TradingView
Solana (SOL), the tenth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, became the first altcoin to reach a new ATH level after May. It grew more than 38%, including a new ATH of $ 65.68 after a 65% weekly gain. Altcoin also noted a significant increase in network activity and adoption.

Source: TradingView
Can Cardano (Island) reach another ATH?
Cardano (ADA) could become the second altcoin after Solana to reach the new ATH if it manages to maintain its current bullish momentum. Smart contract functionality will compete with Cardano compared to ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (dot). Altcoin’s current bullish momentum is dominated by” ethereum killers” such as Solana and Cardano.

Manufacturer Cardano Hoskinson said the new update could open up numerous opportunities for vendors and developers, making it a development and Opportunity Hub.

The ADA price began to rise as Alonzo hard fork testers began successfully implementing significant changes in decentralization. The price increase also helped it temporarily rank third in crypto by market capitalization, after bitcoin and Etehreum. The Altcoin market limit is now $ 69 billion, as the total market limit has exceeded $ 2 trillion for the first time in three months.

Posta Cardano (island) may SEC

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