Cardano (ada) became the third altcoin after entering Terra and Solana ath, who is next?

Cardano (ADA) was in third place today, up 22 per cent, with altcoin taking the new ATH to $ 2.55. Sunday May: Cardano has now joined Terra (Luna) and Solana (left) to become the third altcoin to reach a new ATH level after the market crash in May. The island rose from a daily low of $ 2.05 to release the new ATH.

Source: TradingView
Sol became the first altcoin to reach the ATH after crossing the $ 80 mark on August 18. the next day, when the moon was making $ 33. The rise in Altcoin prices and the overall crypto market indicate that we are entering the second phase of this bullish race.

Source: TradingView
The price increase is due to the upcoming Alonzo Purple update, which will bring Cardano’s smart contract into line. The community of developers behind the network has also launched Stack Exchange, a new community-managed Q & A resource to support developers. The foundation also announced the launch of an algorithmic stablecoin project developed by Djed to ensure price stability.

An important new paper focusing on these challenges was published today. 2/2 learn more about this revolutionary new protocol that acts like an autonomous bank

– Exit entry (@Inputoutputputhk), August 18, 2021

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson believes the price of the token will only rise further and could reach $ 150 by the end of the year. The Altcoin prize has made big gains since the announcement of the Alonzo Purple update, scheduled for September 12.

Which cryptocurrency can Ath reach next?
The crypto market rebounded boldly in August after three months of downward trends that have dominated the market. Sunday May saw most cryptocurrencies recover almost half of their losses in the market and now they plan to retest their ATS. Both bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have dropped about 27% of their ATH. However, the next crypto token that the new ATH can issue is FTT’s own crypto exchange token.

FTT one

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