Capital Group division to buy 12% stake in bitcoin MicroStrategy zware

The $ 2.2 trillion asset manager has bought a stake in MicroStrategy, a cloud software development company with large bitcoin assets.

International investors in capital, a division of Los Angeles-based Capital Group, bought a 12.2% stake in MicroStrategy last month, according to today’s Sec filing. 953, 242 shares are worth $ 561 million at current prices.

This means that Capital Group, one of the world’s largest investment institutions, has an indirect relationship with Bitcoin because MicroStrategy owns most of the treasure in BTC. The company, led by Michael Saylor, raised $ 105.085 billion worth of 3.4 cryptocurrencies at today’s prices. 

Capital Group, which counts the mutual fund manager of American Funds as one of its companies, declined to comment on the investment.

MicroStrategy’s obsession with buying bitcoin is one of the main reasons for the cryptocurrency’s phenomenal growth, which began last year. The Virginia-based company began buying assets last year and invested $ 250 million in August. 

Since then, the company has bought far more BTC and CEO Michael Sailor regularly preaches the value of the currency almost everywhere, including on Twitter. Mikrostrategia even sold off debts to buy more bitcoins. Currently, it owns more cryptocurrencies than any other publicly traded company. 

But it belongs to someone. And BlackRock, currently only the world’s largest National Welfare Fund, has more MicroStrategy than capital, with a 14.56% share.

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