Can you create a better way to work with Wiki? Free ton kicks off a rivalry in cryptocurrency worth more than $ 80,000

Free TON, a decentralized international community of developers and enthusiasts, has launched a brand new competition offering thousands of dollars in prizes to develop Wikipedia’s management model.

Free cyclopedia
There are now more than twenty-one million individual articles on Wikipedia, and while most last-minute homework reports have been preserved by the dusty halls of forums run by this blessed community, the way we keep track of information is evolving. As the cornerstone of Internet information databases, it is vital that Wikipedia’s work remains at a high level. Key to this may be a system known to blockchain management experts for its Byzantine resistance to errors.

Since May 2020, the free tone community has been perfecting the mechanics of management models as part of its ambitious social experiment into decentralization of the internet. As they entered their second year, the community launched a new wiki competition dedicated to reviewing the indexing model of online encyclopedias.

The contest, called” Freecyclopedia”, makes no complaints in its criticism of the current flow of information from a leading World source. This presents challenges such as paternity (hereditary members with disproportionate power), unequal development, and poor quality articles that can be overcome. Therefore, to begin this new decentralized information age, in the first phase of the competition, more than 80,000 tons of Crystal prizes are offered to those ready for the challenge.

You think you can get the grand prize? View all the requirements and details on how to get into these and other exciting free match tones here.

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