Can DeFi and CeFi co-exist?

Many questions have been raised about the Defi’s loss of more than $ 20 billion due to vulnerabilities and improper auditing practices. Some are devoted to the latest trend of decentralized and decentralized finance (Cedefi) and how this could improve the decentralized financial system (Defi), which has become mainstream by more than 20% since 2020.

Major players and organizations have taken a big step forward in implementing this proposal. They have a more flexible opportunity for developers to build scalable products using blockchain technology. However, it appeared that the move would change the rules of the game.

Until now, most governments have remained indifferent to the concept of blockchain, cryptography, and Defi due to the limited adoption of KYC and AML policies. But the question is: Will the collaboration between Cefi and Dec bring a whole new world and innovation to the blockchain’s financial ecosystem?

Please Enter Cedefi

CeDeFi is a merger of centralized and decentralized finance. This allows the trading of valuable projects or icons under the auspices of reputable central exchanges. From a practical point of view, Cedefi is a technological trend that supports the emergence of a new generation of smart sharing ecosystems that solve the current problems of defi SOLUTIONS.

Therefore, Binance combines Unizen, one of the leading CeDeFi solutions in the smart chain network, with Cefi’s effective unlimited tools and advantages, and end users can offer you the best trading experience.

It builds several leading controlled products and exchanges on its platform, resulting in reduced costs, lead times and risks. in general, CeDeFi can also overshadow Defi boundaries when it comes to selecting individual projects. Read this unizen article for more information.

However, it allows users to use the Cefi mechanism to receive multiple refunds or tokens at the same time. It is important to better understand what is decentralized and centralised financing, or Cedefi:

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