Caizcoin’s official website undergoes a complete modernization aimed at improving the user experience

In an attempt to make an ethical revolution in cryptocurrency, Caizcoin is set to make history with its first crypto trading platform built on Islamic banking and financial regulations. Everyone from businessmen to ordinary people is talking about cryptocurrency today. What is missing from today’s Sunday is Islamic Defi ecosystems that meet the needs of those who want to conduct their digital financing activities in a secure and morally supported environment. That’s what permissible developers are looking for. They have developed a Muslim cryptocurrency that will allow anyone from around the world to trade cryptocurrency smoothly without worrying about anything else. New websites were recently launched to improve the user experience and make navigation easier.

“Permissible” comes from the Arabic word “jaiz”, meaning “permissible”or” legal”. Caizcoin is a legal cryptocurrency launched to bring countless financial benefits and benefits. Islamic principles are quite strict and aimed at society in banking and finance, making it extremely difficult to introduce them to the advanced technologies of the blockchain. The periz team saw this statement as an unfair reason to restrict the Muslim Ummah from using modern technology, and thus developed a platform that is a perfect combination of Islamic virtues and blockchain technology. 

Caizcoin was developed in 2018 by caiz Holding AG and a group of very energetic developers who want to revolutionize crypto.  Caiz Holding AG is a long-term investment company that focuses on new technologies and promotes innovative initiatives to create sustainable economic and social values for its stakeholders. Their administration consists of well-known lawyers, former board members and notaries, compliance and audit officers, lawyers as secretaries and other legal entities.Caizcoin serves as a 100% subsidiary of caiz Holding AG in Chama, Switzerland.

The crypto world is known for its volatility

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