Bybit launched its cloud mining service, now anyone can mine ETH from $ 100

Bybit, one of the most influential crypto derivatives exchanges in the world, announced the grand opening of cloud mining services. Bybit Cloud Mining offers common crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to mine Ether (ETH) as part of expanding its limited and focused suite of products, without having to purchase and run custom mining hardware. The MaaS (mining as a service) product is suitable for both private investors and large corporations with consistent hashing and flexible subscription plans. The cloud-based service simplifies the process of validating transactions and adding them to the general ledger. Cloud mining, the first introduction to Bybit's ByFi product suite, offers more people the chance to mine cryptocurrencies. Installation and setup of mining machines solve problems such as complex technologies, high upfront costs and expensive energy for novice miners. The cloud mining platform offers flexible 7, 21 and 42-day plans, and subscribers now have a cost-effective way to start crypto mining for as little as $ 100 without high start-up costs. . Bybit says the move will help democratize crypto mining so that the business becomes a mainstream business. As a customer-oriented exchange, it has lowered barriers to entry for individual miners who do not have access to this industry by establishing large mining companies. Bybit Cloud Mining also responds to the growing demand of customers who want to take advantage of the high-flying Ethereum, which took center stage after a year of huge profits. Vitalik Buterin's original idea solidified its place as the second largest cryptocurrency while continuing to hit record highs. Bybit is currently the fourth largest crypto derivative platform. Meanwhile, as soon as there is a disruption in the mining process, Bybit takes the risk to ensure that the returns of cloud mining contracts are not affected. Specifically, the service comes with 100% availability and Bybit,

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