Bware Labs Launches MVP of High-Performance Decentralized Node Network

Bucharest, Romania – June 14, 2021 – Bware Labs, a startup developing a decentralized API platform that aligns incentives between end users and node providers, has released their platform's MVP, or functional prototype, to the public. Users can now create a private node endpoint in just four clicks and access blockchain data via RPC or WSS APIs. As part of this release, the end user can connect to the app via a MetaMask wallet and create private endpoints that allow them to interact with Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum mainnets, all in just four clicks and under 30 seconds. While free to use, up to three endpoints (an Avalanche, a BSC, and an Ethereum) can be created for each MetaMask wallet. In the MVP version, the nodes are provided by Bware Labs to ensure seamless user engagement and established performance standards. Once the platform matures, Bware Labs aims to create a decentralized alternative to Infura or Alchemy, creating a bipartisan market of node providers and consumers. While requests are currently limited to 25 per second, Bware offers half the latency of comparable competing free plans and offers more supported blockchain options. To ensure reliability in the Bware Labs ecosystem, node providers will be required to distribute native tokens that are prone to disruption when the node is underperforming. To achieve the required commitment, node providers have the ability to accept entitlements and share reward fees with entitlements, the only decentralized API platform capable of doing so. Node users pay operators with a subscription model delivered via the MetaMask wallet. This realigns incentives between node operators, who often perform an altruistic, nonprofit mission, and node data users who don't want to host their own infrastructure. “Running blockchain nodes is critical to maintaining network security, but without a proper one”

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