Buying Bitcoin-What You Need To Know



As Bitcoin investments are now available on the eToro platform for customers in the Netherlands, we would like to use this opportunity to explain some of the basics of buying bitcoin for beginners. So if you don’t know your bitcoin from your blockchain, this article is here to help.

Is there a bitcoin barrier to access? For many curious investors who have not yet dipped their fingers in the proverbial waters, the biggest thing holding them back can be expressed in one word – knowledge.

The more you try to understand the technology behind bitcoin, the more confusing you may be about its true investment value. How exactly is Bitcoin earned? What is Hardfork? And proof of betting and proof of concept? There’s plenty of scrapers for the head.

If we haven’t lost you yet … While you never master the concepts of Blockchain and how cryptocurrency is created, you don’t really need it when it comes to investing. All you really need to know is why cryptocurrency has value, how that value compares to traditional currencies, and what it means to invest in the long term.

On platforms like EToro, users can contribute up to $ 50 to fill an account where they can buy, sell and store Bitcoin, along with more than a dozen cryptocurrencies.

So what distinguishes cryptocurrency from investing in traditional currencies such as euros or US dollars? Here are some notable awards:

Ultimate assurance
One of the biggest problems when investing in the US dollar is inflation, which has become increasingly apparent during the covid-19 pandemic. As the US dollar weakens faster and the Federal Reserve puts trillions of dollars under pressure, it’s no surprise that investors are looking for unique ways to diversify their money.

How does inflation affect Bitcoin? This is because bitcoin has a limited amount of 21 million tokens, so the maximum while its value may increase

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