Bull, no matter what, bitcoin exceeds $ 40k, does it exceed coordinated FUD?

Bitcoin is conveniently located north of $ 40,000 after a rally that went beyond that key brand of resistance. The first cryptocurrency, according to market cap, managed to climb above $ 42,000 in its most determined effort to regain new heights since the May crash.

BTC is on the rise in the daily chart. Source: BTCUSD Tradingview
Bullish momentum has continued over the past week, with the BTC price recording a gain of 24% over the period, with an index of fear and greed on the side of greed after months of extreme anxiety. Dan Tapiero, founder and chief executive of 10t Holdings, said the rally was not easy.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the entire industry have been attacked from around the world. Especially from the United States and China. These countries rarely seem to agree on anything, bitcoin being an exception. Tapiero said:

I don’t remember many attacks on Bitcoin and crypto. One on each side…taxes, regulations, policies, etc. in the face of a lot of bad news, the insanely good price movement is very bullish. Bitcoin doesn’t matter. HODLE, stay a little longer or get out of the way.

Even the most legitimate actions are perceived by traditional financial institutions with some hostility. Following El Salvador’s bitcoin law, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned other countries that the cryptocurrency was “not suitable as a legal tender tool.”

Kredi credit financial institutions from country hometown. When bitcoin was granted legal tender status, the conversations were clearly strained. In an official blog, the IMF explained that the measure “could have a serious negative impact on financial and economic stability.”

Financial institutions, for example, appear to be sending a signal that similar measures from other countries could affect their relationship with the IMF. Following in El Salvador’s footsteps, the country accepts a currency commonly used to “launder illegally obtained money, finance terrorism and evade taxes,”according to the IMF. Tapiero added:

BTC one

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