BUGG INU – A unique model for the future of finance

About ten years ago, no one knew what DeFi was. Moreover, he did not predict a $1 trillion market cap for many mortal crypto spaces. However, a lot has changed today and decentralized finance seems to be the future of finance. While there are many decentralized crypto projects in the space, BUGG seems to stand out with unique innovations it aims to introduce into the crypto and DeFi space. BUGG Project Bugg Inu was founded on May 29, 2021 and the project appears to be the fastest growing project of its kind. Bugg aims to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream. Bugg is a decentralized, autonomous revenue generation protocol. This means that the model allows its users to automatically earn their own token. The original token of the project is $BUGG. Every time a transaction is made, 2% of the transaction fee is distributed to the token holder, even if the token is traded. This model is much more economical than the traditional financial system. For example, banks may decide to give a certain interest rate to their users after a certain period of time. However, this interest is usually minimal and usually constant regardless of how many transactions take place. The Bugg protocol, on the other hand, will give more rewards to its holders as more transactions occur in the protocol. This additional passive income earned by users can be tracked through the user's wallet balance, the price of the token, and more. Bugg's Deflation Mechanism To reduce supply and create a token shortage, Bugg burned 50% of its total supply. Additionally, the other half of the redistribution fee will be burned to deflate the token. This burning mechanism will increase the value of the coin in the long run. BUGG Swap The $BUGG token is built on the Ethereum network. As such, the gas tariffs used for transactions are expected to be high. The Bugg team found a way to cut costs on the network. since ether

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