BTC vs ETH Comparison How did the world's second largest crypto beat BTC's performance in April?

Etheruem (ETH) took the crypto market by storm, with each day clearly hitting all-time highs. The price of ETH hit a record high at $ 3,194 earlier today, pulling down some of the major financial institutions such as PayPal and Bank of America. Last month's ETH performance was revolutionary. In fact, it clearly dominated the market that completely crushed Bitcoin (BTC). Currently, ETH's dominance in the total crypto space has surpassed 16%, while Bitcoin's has fallen below 47%. If we see the monthly chart as well, BTC's return was negative 1% while Ethereum's (ETH) return was 50% last month. Similarly, since the beginning of the year BTC returns were around 100%, while ETH was 3 times behind with returns of about 300%. Below is a monthly chart showing the increasing dominance of ETH. Courtesy: The Basic Metrics that CoinMarketCap ETH Guided for BTC Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) both saw strong increases in adjusted volumes on the chain. Combined adjusted volumes reached a record high of $ 792.5 billion. Etherem's adjusted volume increased 63% while Bitcoin increased 22%. Squeaky 1/8 figures for an overview of monthly statistics. Some highlights are: The total volume set on the chain increased 37.3% in April to $ 792.5 billion: – Lars (@ lars0x) May 1, 2021 On the other hand, BTC miner in April Revenue fell 2.5% to $ 1.7 billion, while ETH miners' revenue reached a record $ 1.65 the same month. In addition, BTC futures volume fell 11.9% to $ 1.9 trillion in April. On the other hand, the ETH futures volume exploded, increasing by 65% to a record high of 4.873 billion. 7/8 On the downside, the ETH futures volume exploded, increasing 64.1% to $ 873 billion in April: – Lars (@ lars0x) May 1, 2021 On the other hand, the volume of the BTC option has increased, volume

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