BTC / USD peaks at only 59,000: Sally Ho technical analysis May 4, 2021 BTC

Bitcoin (BTC / USD) traded as high as 58986 during the European session, after which the pair dropped to 57201.97, a test representing an inter-day high of 61.8% retracement. of the last 55400 to 64899 valuation range. Chartists have observed that BTC / USD is trying to create a base with an easy moving average of 4 hours and an easy moving average of 50 hours around 200 bars. Recently, pauses were selected on the climb above the 55971.51 level, which corresponds to a 50% retracement of the depreciation range from 64899 to 47044.01. The next upward retracement levels in this range are areas 58078.39, 60685.22, and 61078.03. The recent highest level of 64899 represented a test of the 64835.59 zone; this is an upward price target that is technically important, based on the buying pressure that arises around the 16200 area. Recently, significant stops have been selected in relation to several upward price targets during the outbreak, particularly levels in the 61065.64, 61463.38, 61732.54, and 62026.52 areas associated with the buying pressure emerging in the 9819.83, 17580 and 16200 regions. Other upward price targets include areas related to purchasing pressure at the levels of 66200, 66739, 76, 68674.28 and 68973.24, 16200, 17580 and 9819.83. Possible technical assistance zones during withdrawals are 46219.32, 45472.23, 44900.82 and 44373.66. Investors note that the 50 bar MA (4 hours) declined below 200 bar MA and above 100 bar (4 hours) MA. It also indicates an increase above 50 bar MA (per hour), 100 bar MA (per hour) and 200 bar MA (per hour). Price activity is the closest to 200 bar (4 hours) MA at 57195.34 and 50 bar (hour) MA at 57448.37. Technical support is expected around 47044.01 / 46556.35 / 41851.15 with stops below. Technical resistance exp

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