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Bitcoin (BTC / USD) pulled away from some new gains at the start of the Asian session as it continued to bid below its price drop target against selling pressure emerging near the 35679.05 level to 59592.20.   Traders lifted BTC / USD to 34670 after pausing in the 34484.12 zone, which corresponded to a 61.8% correction in the last fall range from 35951 to 32111.  The December buyout was recently in the 33027.83 range, which tested a 23.6% correction of the same depreciation December.  Traders who track BTC / USD are still offered at 38236.16, a level that represents a 23.6% depreciation December correction from 64899 to 30000.

October December 36983.76 represents a 23.6% decline in the fall range from 59592.20 to 30000 and traders are closely watching whether this level can be absorbed during a higher move.  The stops were recently selected based on a number of price reduction targets, including zones 31676.16, 30950.63 and 30029.66.  Traders are expecting big stops below the level of 28747.28, and the election will open a major technical support test in the areas of 27706, 27317, 27175, 26593 and 26235.  Traders noted that the 50-bar average (4 hours) was below the 100-bar average (4 hours) and the 200-bar average (4 hours).   In addition, the 50 bar average (hour) tends to be below the 200 bar average (hour) and above the 100 bar average (October).

Price activity is closest to the 50 bar average (4 hours) at 33909.47 and the 100 bar average (hours) at 33520.63.

Technical support expected in the region 28747.28/ 27706.27/ 27175.66 you’d expect that to happen with the stops below.

Technical resistance expected to be close 46000/ 51569.56/ 64899 with stops expected above.  

On the 4-hour chart, SlowK declines below slow, while the MACD rises above the macda average.

On the 60-minute chart, SlowK is below the slow one, while MACD is below the Macda average.    

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