BTC supporter Senator protects crypto from Senator. Warren & # 39; s dark supercoders & # 39; review”

Cynthia Lummis, a bitcoin supporter and US senator from the state of Wyoming, tweeted, defending the crypto atmosphere from Senator Elizabeth Warren’s comments.

Senator Warren accused the decentralized system of being run by “dark super-coders” with whom Cynthia Lummis took a controversial stance. Lummis highlights how the crypto Sunday is managed by open-source developers, with publicly available code and a decentralized ledger. He noted how blockchain facilitates peer-to-peer transactions by decimating the trust or belief aspect. If all is clear, he said, the need for trust has waned and the facts speak for themselves.

… Transfer this open source code to a transparent, public, decommissioned ledger that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a trusted (but sometimes not very reliable) third party. # btc

– Cynthia Lummis (@Cynthiam Lummis) July 27, 2021

Warren vs. cryptocurrency volatility
On Monday, Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to Finance Secretary Janet Yellen asking her to tighten rules on the crypto industry. Also, Warren discussed the shortcomings of cryptocurrencies at the Senate Banking Committee yesterday. It highlighted the unstable nature of the decentralised Sunday, which could affect major financial areas if it continues to grow at this pace.

“All warning signals are flashing … hype, instability, wild statements that turn out to be false. As Kriptorynka grows, so do the risks for our financial stability and our economy, ” he said.

Warren claims transparency in cryptography
Warren also investigated and voiced doubts about the decentralized nature of kriptorynka. He accused cryptorynok of being run by excellent programmers with hidden motives. He argued that the system could not be trusted because it was free of intermediaries and easily manipulated by corporate giants and tycoons

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