BTC Kranen cruciale weerstand op top crypto analysts solving bitcoin problems struggling with $ 50,000

A prominent crypto analyst and trader is warning investors and bitcoin traders as the leading cryptocurrency hits a new 90-day high of over $ 50.

Crypto strategy, which is known to be trusted in the industry, is reporting to its 228,100 subscribers that it has seen bitcoin break up as it nears a critical area of resistance.

“If we get close to significant resistance in the $ 52,000 to $ 60,000 December, it’s time to be careful. While it is possible that we could break, this area is the most likely place for us to see a correction when we get it. It’s also the first time funding has been positive since our $ 28,000 minimum.”

Source: reliable / Twitter
According to the trader’s schedule, bitcoin would help King crypto revisit about $ 42,000 before a new rally could begin, which could result in it exceeding $ 60,000.

The crypto analyst is also looking for XRP, which he says is in the middle of a correction after hitting a 90-day high of $ 1.35.

“I think of it as a pretty pure five-wave momentum towards the top, which means that this second wave, conversely, this correction, is a buying opportunity. The formal declaration of invalidation will be at a low of $ 0.69 here … here we have our daily support ($1.07), this is a level that acts as resistance that we change, so it will act as support. Below that is our Wick zone (about$ 1), a rise order block that leads to a breakout…

I would like to see insurance in this area, but there are no daily closures in our daily support,”he said. 

Probability estimates are based on Elliott’s Wave Theory, which is a technical analysis approach that predicts price movement by following the psychology of market participants who tend to present themselves as waves.

After the correction of the second wave, crypto strateg expects XRP to reach its original goal of $ 1.50.

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