BSC Defi Protocol Citizen Swap Loses $ 7.2 Million from Flash Loan

According to the autopsy written by the Burgerswap team, another Binance Smart Chain project was hit by the flash credit attack. The official Twitter account of the project said at around 3 am on Friday that Burgerswap was attacked by hackers who stole $ 7.2 million in funds. Binance Smart Chain Defi Protocol Citizen Swap Dumped to $ 7.2 Million Citizen Swap Project announced Friday that the project has raised $ 7.2 Million after a malicious attack on a payday loan. At around 3 am (UTC + 8) on May 28, Burgerswap in the BSC chain faced a sudden loan; "His official Twitter account has stolen $ 7.2 million from Burgerswap in 14 transactions," he said. All we want is some time. – BurgerSwap (@burger_swap) May 28, 2021 Burgerswap is a decentralized finance (defi) project using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Similar to Sushiswap or Uniswap, the Burgerswap protocol allows users to switch between tokens issued in the BSC. Users can also add liquidity and earn the project's own token called BURGER. "The fake Coin trading pair, the attacker went to Burgerswap again via Fake Coin and changed the price by changing the number of reserves and reserves1 in the pair's contract." Citizen Swap is not the first BSC project to have problems with flash credit attacks as hackers turn it into a late sport. A total of $ 6 million was stolen from two BSC projects last week, as Pancakebunny and Bogged Finance saw $ 3 million spent on each project. Flash crediting was an issue for a number of defeat protocols in 2020 and 2021. Special abuse has been a widespread attack in the burial world since the defeat margin trading protocol Bzx was attacked. Flash credits are smart contract based schemes that allow credits to be given in a single transaction or attack. In the case of Burgerswap, the hacker escaped with WBNB, BUSD, ETH, USDT, BURGER, XBURGER, and ROCKS. Burgersw

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