Brock Pierce Claims To Lead 'Official' Bitcoin Delegation to El Salvador

One of the weird things about Bitcoin is that, as a decentralized network, it's very difficult to lobby for it in an "official" capacity. Bitcoin has no CEO, its pseudonymous founder has been missing for a decade, and its network users do not share a common goal. So it's odd news that Brock Pierce, chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and former co-founder of, claimed to be leading an "official delegation of Bitcoin ambassadors" to El Salvador this week. While traveling with Milena Mayorga, El Salvador's ambassador to the United States, Pierce carried the flag on behalf of hundreds of thousands of anonymous users, several of whom had declared himself their representative, and planted it firmly in the Central American country where President Nayib Bukele served. recently declared Bitcoin as legal tender. Pierce tweeted on June 16: "I am delighted to lead this official delegation of Bitcoin ambassadors in El Salvador to educate the government on how Bitcoin, Blockchain and technology can create a better future for everyone in their country." "official" Bitcoin visit, but first to visit El Salvador in an official capacity since the start of the Covid lockdowns. Is Blockchain Capital Trying to Erase Co-Founder and Mighty Ducks Star Brock Pierce from Its History? His use of the word "official" has generated a lot of hate online. Pierce said he referred to "an official official delegation of ecosystem members to meet with the government of El Salvador." The hate didn't stop, so Pierce came back a day later, describing it as "a bad choice of words due to the reaction of some." However, he insisted that "we can all be evangelists, advocates, and ambassadors." Pierce further angered his Twitter today when he tweeted a photo of himself and President Bukele on the front page of the New York-based Spanish-language newspaper Noticia.

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