Brazilian Burger King Customers Can Now Buy Meat-Flavoured Dog Cookies With Dogecoin

According to regional reports, The Burger King franchise in Brazil has introduced “Dogeppr,”a new type of bait specially prepared for dogs. This is a new product, a dog Cookie that dog owners can buy for their pets, and the company accepts dogecoin crypto payments purchased by dogeppr.

Burger King Brazil represents dogeppr, the company that bought Dogecoin for its meat-flavored cookies
In some of the locations selected, the Burger King franchise in Brazil announced that it had accepted Dogecoin (DOGE) payments for a new dog Cookie that the company had recently launched. “Now you can buy dogepper with dogecoin,” the Burger King ad in Brazil says. “How to make the best payment for a product designed for dogs? Of course, Dogecoins, ” says the restaurant chain ad.

Customers can also add a Dogepper to their prized meal.
To buy a dog Cookie, the customer must check availability and then choose the amount of dog Cookie they want to buy. According to its website, Dogepper costs three dogcoins and has healthy meals, including snacks for dogs. After filling out the registration form, the customer buys the dog wallet at Burger King (UK) Brazil.

Dogepper can be delivered with mobile apps BK Delivery, Ifood, Rappi, uber Eats and 99 foods, depending on availability. If the customer does not have a Doge, they can still buy cookies for Brazilian real (BRL). There is mention of the ad:

Cookies, which bear the hallmark of the famous flavor of BK roasted meat, can be purchased for three dogecoins coins in a simple process: transfer from the Doge consumer wallet directly to Burger King’s Doge wallet.

Dogecoin dogepper sales proceeds were directed to animal welfare NGOs
According to BK Brazil, the company will use some of dogepper’s revenues to help non-governmental organizations (NGOs)protect animals

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