Boost Your Kids’ Academic Skills With Curious World

The growth of technology has been both a blessing and a curse for children’s education.

On the one hand, young ‘uns now have easy access to more knowledge than at any point in human history. On the other, issues around screentime and "technology for technology’s sake" are becoming increasingly worrisome.

It’s a breath of fresh air, therefore, to find an online service that not only provides plenty of on-screen learning but also places a heavy focus on offline activities.

That service is Curious World. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Curious World?

Considered to be a premium early learning app, Curious World is aimed at children aged between four and eight years old.

It has two core aims—to promote active screen time (whereby the child is actively engaging with the content rather than zoning out) and to encourage creative offline play.

The app will provide children with the desire and tools to explore their interests and hobbies across eight key early learning areas.

All the content in the app is age-appropriate and there are no ads to distract or influence your kid.

Some of the other key features of Curious World include:

Bedtime mode: After 6 pm, the app’s dashboard will transform into a more tranquil state.

Parent dashboard: You can keep an eye on your child’s learning journey thanks to activity summaries and learning area overviews.

Offline modes: You can download the shows, games, books, and songs that your children love.

Search: You can enter your kid’s favorite hobby and the search feature will return all the content associated with it.

Multiple profiles: You can create up to four profiles for your kids in your household. There are also eight avatar options for each age bracket.

How to Get Curious World

If you would like to subscribe to Curious World, you are entitled to an impressive 79 percent discount as an MUO reader.

That means you only need to pay $20 for a year-long subscription, rather than the regular price of $95.

You can access the content on the web and on mobile and there are no restrictions on which countries can log in.


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