Bonham's SuperRare collaboration, first of its kind

Bonhams is the latest major auction house to enter the world of crypto art as it partners with SuperRare to drive the online sale of works by digital artists leading the NFT crypto art movement. An article published today by Panna Munyal for explored the early crypto art movement. The article also detailed that the June 21-30 Bonham/SuperRare sale will be the first curated collaboration between an auction house and the digital art marketplace. Nima Sagharchi, head of digital arts at Bonhams, said, "This will also be the first auction to discover the founders of the crypto art movement, namely those who defeated the NFTs before they came into the global limelight. These artists have had a lasting impact on the digital art landscape and are pioneers in the field of art history. "One of the digital artists whose work is for sale is named Coldie. His work Proof of Work – Genesis is one of them. It is one of the artist's first tokens and is estimated to be worth between $70,000 and $100,000. The work ranges from the California gold rush to the current crypto mining inspired by the attack." began to symbolize art around the world. We all shared a vision of what digital art would be when the rest of the world found us, focused on art until then, growing and building a vibrant community and inspiring each other to try and push the possibilities for this art form. ],” said Coldie. XCOPY is a London-based artist. Contribution to the sale is The Death of Cash (Sorry Anon). This work is a play on the fall of the fiat currency and is valued at between $150,000 and $200,000. Another artist whose work will be on display is Alotta. Money.This artist somehow modifies classical artworks and old masters, perhaps with contempt, and some might say disrespectful to the original artwork.

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