Boğa bitcoin dyes Verifi to provide BTC self servis beyaz eldiven

Bitcoin Bull doubles up on the over-the-counter exchange by buying a white-gloved bitcoin self-service provider.
Canada’s leading Bitcoin Exchange Bull Bitcoin (Satoshi Portal, Inc. in a press release for bitcoin Magazine, it announced the acquisition of bitcoin self-awareness service provider Veriphi.
The acquisition was entirely self-funded by the company’s decision to keep BTC on the balance sheet since 2015, as it was acquired after the historical increase in bitcoin prices over the years, also known as ngu (increase in numbers) technology.
Bitcoin Bull sets the default by doubling the exchange for bitcoins, where the customer fully stores their money from the start, not just related to storage. They focus on the importance of Bitcoin self-awareness, so customers need to have their own wallets to store their BTC before using the exchange.
But because the company doesn’t hire bitcoin users for them, it tends to put them at a disadvantage for new bitcoiners who want to leave their BTC on the exchanges. This may seem more complicated and uncomfortable for new bitcoiners who want to go the easy way without hiding their own keys, but this is where Veriphi comes in.
“By combining bull bitcoin infrastructure with veriphi’s bitcoin consulting expertise, we will prove ourselves as the best single place in the world to attract new bitcoiners in the right way,” he said. “As a result, we expect our transactions to increase volumes significantly and be mass-shared by Canadian bitcoiners who hold their own keys and manage their own full nodes.”
After being founded in 2017, Veriphi became a Canadian white glove self-service aimed at turning everyone into sovereign bitcoiners. This is a team of solid bitcoin teachers and experts from Montreal, known for their fantastic tutorials and guides, bitcoin wallet reviews,

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