BNB sets the new ATH at $ 411.7 while Bitcoin cannot exceed $ 60,000.

There is a lot to celebrate the hodlers of BNB, the official cryptocurrency of Binance. The upward momentum continues, and it seems that the bulls are ready to send their token prices to the moon without anything blocking. The cryptocurrency closed on April 6 with a new high of $ 411.7. This price represents a 9% increase for that day. Not bad considering the rest of the markets are giving mixed signals with some downward corrections marked by Bitcoin's overall trend. BNB on its way to conquer the $ 400 price zone, BNB surpassed the $ 400 zone yesterday, but the numbers are now the new hurdle to overcome at this stage of price discovery. Generally, in the absence of previous references, traders tend to focus on round numbers to set their alerts. BNB started the day at $ 368, which was a good sign in itself. He made a minor correction the day before. This uptrend confirmed that the uptrend is not over yet. BNB had previously recorded a 5% drop, which allowed analysts to continue as the cryptocurrency was overbought. The Fibonacci extension predicts a possible increase to $ 454 before encountering a potentially strong resistance. From there, the next limit will be close to $ 482. On the other hand, if the cryptocurrency will eventually lose its strength and fix a lower level, the same Fibonacci retracement provides a strong support to the $ 368 area and only reverses the growth in it. Engagement. 6. This is generally regarded as a good sign as it is generally seen as a reversal of earnings, rather than a major loss for swing traders. BNB USDT candles at 4 o'clock. Image: Tradingview View is good for BNB. So far, the cryptocurrency has not overreacted to Bitcoin's fluctuations and remains at its own pace. While Bitcoin has struggled to break the $ 60,000 limit since mid-March, the Binance token did not stop growing during the same period. Bitcoin Bulls struggle to force priority Read more

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