BNB passeerde $ 500, zijn BNB & RichQUACK de perfecte HODLing opties?

While there are many platforms that promise lucrative profits to new crypto users and also promise to get rich quickly, only a few are fulfilling their promises.

Rich Quack is a community-managed platform that offers its users the opportunity to earn rewards and become rich by working together as a community.

The Platform was created by a core team of experienced business veterans and is run by volunteers. It has also passed Techrate’s safety audit and is proof of safety.BNB is the main trading pair for RichQUACK, BnB growth certainly works.

What is a rich charlatan?

Rich Quack is a community-run platform that generates payments and aims to give token holders the opportunity to make a profit by retaining only the quack token.

It offers its users a hyperdeflation token with a built-in transaction fee of 12%. This is spent on the liquidity pools and rewards of platform users.

In October, the platform also gives users access to Mega Quackpot, quackpad (launchpad platform) and lottery platform.

Rich Quack is on the list to be traded on the XT exchange on August 31 in main group trading. The RichQUACK banner will also be displayed on btok exclusive, China’s largest crypto social network with 10 million users, from August 30th to September 1st.

A completely decentralized model

The Rich Quack platform is 100% community-managed and managed by volunteers. The Platform also creates a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voting mechanism and allows token holders the chance to vote for future projects to be launched on the IDO platform.

In October, coin holders also occasionally have the opportunity to vote for improvements and updates to the platform.

How does it work?

The Rich quack platform has an automated return management system and a liquidity mining infrastructure that uses a decommissioned 12% transaction fee to distribute rewards among quack token holders.

Out of 12%,

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