Blockchain” invariance ” geschil aangewakkerd door ethereum verzoek om restructuring contract

Recently, a software developer and a” robustness nerd” named Bunny Gerl had heated conversations about a smart contract that exposed a process in the cryptocurrency community called”realignment contract demand (RFR).” On Twitter, Bunny Gerl explained that the contract” creates a mechanism that allows users to pay miners to reorganize the ethereum blockchain.” The Tweet has since gone viral and there has been much debate about whether blockchain is immutable in general.

Solidity developer offers smart contract to reorganize blockchain for ethereum
The debate and debate over the immutability of blockchain has been going on for years, with a Tweet posted on GitHub by developer Bunny Girl and a new controversy surrounding the smart contract. On July 10, rabbit girl announced that the smart contract was aimed at improving the systematic reorganization of chains.

Blockchain reorganization is a contentious issue, and in principle occurs when the chain of included blocks becomes invalid. Reorganizations took place in several blockchains, where a mining company or a group of miners controlled more than 51% of heshreyt.

Blockchain reorganization forces miners (who are not involved in the reorganization) to return to the point where they have to start over from a certain height of the block. This is like reversing the saved transaction history and then rewriting them, but of course new transactions will never be the same as those that were deleted.

The release of the NFT to commemorate the reorganization of the ETHEREUM chain. Each time you apply for a contract change, you can create one of these NFTS, such as Univ3.

The higher the bribes associated with restructuring, the less your NFT.

Rabbit girl (@0xbunnygirl) July 11, 2021

The rabbit girl Tweet explained how ethereum developers could “code the reorganization of the chain” using a smart contract. “I am announcing the request for a restructuring contract (RFR),” rabbit girl said. “This Agreement

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