Blockchain Analytics Company Tracks BTC Wallets Of Hackers Causing Gas Shortages In The USA

Blockchain analytics firm Elliptic said it has identified Bitcoin wallet hackers used to receive ransom from Colonial Pipeline, one of the largest fuel pipeline operators in the United States. Eastern European criminal group DarkSide has been linked to the ransomware attack that compromised the Colonial Pipeline's computer system and caused several days of outages, fuel shortages, and rising gas prices. The Georgia-based pipeline operator, which supplies about 45% of the fuel to the East Coast, reportedly paid around $ 5 million in cryptocurrency to restore the deactivated computer network. Elliptic says DarkSide's Bitcoin wallet received 75 BTC from the Colonial Pipeline on May 8. Analysis of blockchain transactions reveals that the wallet received 57 payments from 21 different wallets, including Brenntag's 78.29 BTC, indicating that the chemical distribution company was victimized by DarkSide. The share of the partners' Colonial Pipeline and Brenntag ransom payments (the portion of the ransom to the malware vendor) was sent to the same Bitcoin address, suggesting that the same party was responsible for them. infected. both companies. The company also claims to have found an undeclared ransom payment in BTC of about $ 320,000 sent via the exchange used by the Colonial Pipeline on May 10. The criminal group's wallet has been running since March 4, and Elliptic said it has received a total of $ 17.5 million in crypto payments so far. It is assumed that the US government has mined $ 5 million of BTC from its wallet, but Elliptic says that even if it did, DarkSide still managed to get most of the ransom from the at-risk wallet on May 9. it is sent to a small group of exchanges and 4% to Hydra, the largest darknet marketplace offering withdrawal services Never miss a beat – Subscribe to receive crypto email alerts

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