BlockBank has launched a DeFi application where users can interact with a “Consultant Robot” based on artificial intelligence

PRESS RELEASE. BlockBank, a platform that disrupts mobile banking by combining decentralized finance (DEFI) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, officially announced the 4th of 2021. it is launching a comprehensive financial application in the quarter. In order to increase Defi’s global availability and expand users’ financial reach, Blockbank’s new mobile and online application combines the best of the traditional financial and DeFi worlds in a secure, private and user-friendly space. Robo-Advisor, two of the main developments in the BlockBank application, is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based resource for individuals, as well as crypto sundays and a new multi-level reward system that allows users to earn up to 20% per annum.

BlockBank aims to ensure that everyone has the tools and resources to safely reach the exciting crypto sunday without being exposed to obstacles such as a lack of corporate knowledge or a limited time for research. And now, with the launch of the application, the BlockBank AI Robo Advisor will serve as a guide for users of all levels, from beginners to sunday expert, when they start their DeFi trips.

The capabilities and functions of the robot consultant will improve. Starting as an educational resource, the consultant opens the opportunity to use the BlockBank platform individually, as the technology develops and develops with each user. Over time, he will learn individual habits and risk profiles and turn numerous datasets into practical ideas.

In particular, the consultant will significantly reduce the time that users spend on conducting sunday research by providing data and resources for quick and qualified decision-making. Looking to the future, the artificial intelligence technology of Blockbank will play a full-fledged consulting role, which will perform user-approved automated order management and execution, portfolio creation and management, and much more.

However, Blockbank did not dwell on this. The application will create a new multilevel

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