Block groups of major universities are influential voters in Defi management protocols

The data show that a number of large university groups are involved in decentralized financial management (Defi). For example, six of the 15 largest voters who participated in uniswap’s latest management bid were affiliated with universities such as Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, Pennsylvania, Michigan, MIT and Columbia University.

Groups of Blockchain universities are identified as key players in making Defi management decisions
Lately, researcher Jack Pardy tweeted about an interesting finding he discovered while investigating Defi management protocols. Purdy’s latest tweet showed six prestigious universities participating in the final voting process for uniswap management proposals.

“Universities are becoming one of the most active participants in crypto management,” Pardi said. “Of the 15 largest voters who voted for uniswap’s latest proposal, 6 were universities. That’s more than $ 600 million from a useless pay token, ” he added.

Shared image Detective Jack Pardy.
Of course, the voters who participate are not necessarily official representatives of universities, but groups of students who participate in block projects. Check whether Purdy’s tweet is valid or cannot be confirmed via the website (Tally), a web portal that explores cryptocurrency management systems.

Tally investigates management related to projects such as compound, Uniswap, indexed, Fei and Gitcoin. For example, compound 52 management recommendations, 1,72 thousand. eligible voters and 41% turnout. Uniswap has only six governing proposals, 4.53 thousand voters and a turnout of 18.62%.

Website (counting) looks at the control protocols used in specific Defi projects.
Uniswap’s offerings include the Defi Education Fund, which decimated uni’s bidding threshold to 2.5 million, and the Uniswap v0 Grant Program. 1. The Defi Education Fund was implemented with 79 million votes for the fund and 15 million votes against the fund.

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