Bittrex Global will be the first exchange to integrate the DigitalBits Mainnet

Bittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd. today announced it will be the first exchange to enter the DigitalBits blockchain mainnet and support the DigitalBits ERC-20 token exchange. Bittrex Global also recently listed both Zytara Dollar (ZUSD) and DigitalBits token (XDB) on the digital asset exchange. ZUSD is a stablecoin that allows users to make instant transactions and aims to replace the traditional payment methods currently used by online players and esports enthusiasts. The DigitalBits blockchain supports tokenization of digital assets including branded currencies and branded slabs. It was recently revealed that Litemint, a leading market for NFT and collectibles, will be one of the first organizations to also integrate the DigitalBits blockchain to bring NFT functionality to the network. Led by Al Burgio, founder of DigitalBits, Zytara is in a phase of rapid growth strategically focused on building the financial infrastructure of the future today. Zytara has launched ZUSD in partnership with Prime Trust to serve the gaming and esports industry and offer a dynamic and new alternative to traditional payment solutions to generation Y, Gen Z players and esports enthusiasts. ZUSD is fully backed by Prime Trust, the issuer of ZUSD and reserves of 1: 1 US dollars. After the first implementation in Ethereum, ZUSD will later be introduced to the DigitalBits blockchain, allowing users to take advantage of network scalability. Zytara also founded Zytara Labs, a full-service production and studio company that supports music artists, actors, actors, esports teams and other brands in the creation, sale and marketing of NFT. . The company develops innovative products and platforms that use blockchain protocols such as DigitalBits and Ethereum. "The gaming, sports and entertainment industry is ideally located for stablecoins and NFTs," said Tom Albright, CEO of Bittrex Global. Infrastructure hack

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